Rowing at Rame


Rowing is a great way to get fit and have fun.  As a member of our club you can decide whether you want an occasional social row or train on a regular basis in order to row competitively or help improve your fitness.

Our rowing times vary over the winter, regular updates giving the specific time and date is given below.


During the winter there are no regular novice rowing sessions but you are welcome to come along for a taster session.  Join us for up to 3 taster sessions before deciding whether you wish to continue and become a member of the club.  Taster sessions are free but a donation to help club funds would be appreciated.

We recommend you wear layers of clothing, nothing to bulky or restrictive, and tracksuit bottoms or sport leggings/shorts.  Bring a waterproof/windproof jacket and cyclist gloves, if you have a pair.  You will get your feet wet getting in and out of the gig so we suggest a pair of waterproof shoes with a sturdy sole or old pair of trainers.  In the winter many of our rowers wear wellington boots.

Don’t forget to bring some water it is important that you keep yourself hydrated.

To arrange a taster session or for further information contact Wendy Ferguson at or 01752 822865.


These session can be arranged by any club member.


Fitness suite training is held weekday evenings as follows:

Men            6 pm on Monday and Wednesday

Ladies        6 pm on Tuesday and Thursday

Juniors       6 pm on Friday

Mixed        7 pm on Friday

Training on the water is normally on a Sunday morning with additional sessions arranged for crews taking part in specific events.  We already have crews training for the World Pilot Gig Championships that will be held on the Isles of Scilly next May.


Sessions are planned for:

Please let Wendy Ferguson or any club member know if you plan to attend any of these sessions.