Clapham Terrace

This project represents the best of what I can offer. We undertook a large refurbishment of a 5 bedroom and 2 bathroom house with a new extension and garden design (to be completed summer 2017). Previously the couple had lived in the house prior to moving to the U.S for a few years. They had hardly used all the rooms in the house and hence they didn’t have a set function for each area that would contribute to their living. The front room was set to become an adults library, where they would entertain friends while the kids were sleeping. The middle room that was deprived of any natural day light, and was turned into a cozy movie room with black walls and ceilings. This enhanced the darkness of the room rather than trying to fight what was never going to succeed without natural light. The kitchen was to host a small seating area for after dinner coffees and children’s TV area. A wall of cupboards were to hide the TV as well as housing a bar and wine fridge that could be easily revealed when entertaining. The client wanted the feel of the first floor to be dramatic and sumptuous which fitted her personal style perfectly. The mood on the upper two floors is much more relaxed, yet not missing out on luxurious finishes.



1st January 2017


Renovation, Residential, Styling