How much is this going to cost?

Besides talking about the aspiration for your home, the most common question will be around the cost of your build and the design. It is important to discuss your budget early on in order to ensure that you will be making the right investment on your home, and that we will be able to help you within your budget.

My focus is on creating homes that will improve my client’s lives so ultimately they are investing in their wellbeing. This requires a certain level of investment since many times we are also fixing the foundation like sufficient heating, water systems and double windows. Up to 40% of your budget can go into building works, and the parts of the build you won’t see.

On top of this you will probably end up spending around 20% of your budget for your kitchen and 5% to 10% on your bathrooms. These are the elements of your design that will add value in the overall price of the property, and hence should be not overlooked. According to Houzz the average spend on kitchens is between £10,000 to £16,000 and on bathrooms £6,000 to £10,000. As an overall figure in my projects, we usually spend £15,000 to £25,000 on kitchens and £10,000 to £15,000 on bathrooms.

When it comes to design fees, they can be anywhere between 10% to 15% depending of the complexity of the project. At the minimum, and roughly calculated, we would allow a design fee of £2,500 / room (ex vat). Our design proposals are always at fixed rate against clear deliverables.

What do your design fees cover?

Here is a list of items you can expect within our design services:

Layouts & elevations

Mood boards

Material and furniture boards

Overall interior design budget

Interior design tender documents for contractors

Access to our vetted trade suppliers

All items purchased and delivered to your home

Can you manage my contractors?

Yes, I usually act as the first point of contact regarding interiors during the building process so that you can focus on your work and family. Also, many times my clients have engaged an architect for the structural work. Please, note that your construction company still needs to have a project manager who will co-ordinate all the different trades. We always requirer at least a weekly site meeting with the team and report back to you on a timely manner. Project management is always charged hourly basis at £85/h ex VAT. Generally we required at least 20h/month to run the project effectively.

Can you recommend a team of vetted contractors?

Yes we do but, I would always ask you to make the final decision on the company that you hire. You should always ask at least three different quotes of which one can be from my previous contacts. I pride myself being the independent body between the client and the building company. I always ask my client: “if we were to hire my best friend to build your home and you would end up in an argument due to project delays, whose side do you think I would take?”. My prerogative is to always show allegiance with the client. This will help us to get the best out of the project.

Do you offer trade discounts?

Yes, as a trade customer, we get discounts from trade specialist suppliers which vary. I always pass these discounts to my client, but charge a percentage on top for the procurement process. This is why I rather focus on highlighting the service that I offer. I request the quotes, pay the supplier, chase the supplier, organise the deliveries, install the furniture, handle any reclamations etc. while keeping an eye on your budget. Hands down this is the most stressful part of the project and I am happy for you to benefit from any trade discounts if you want to handle the procurement yourself. So far, all my clients have preferred to save time for the more meaningful elements of their lives.