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Slimmer of the Year 2010 – Jean Hudson

Slimmer of the Year 2011 – Anoop Nainani

Slimmer of the Year 2012 – Dinesh Tharani

Slimmer of the Year 2013 – Tracy Greasley

Slimmer of the Year 2014 – Cheryl Devine


Jean Hudson – ‘It’s never too late to get your life back!’



Jean was Hong Kong’s first Cambridge client. At 64 years old, the extra weight she was carrying on her small frame made moving around difficult and uncomfortable. She was also told that she needed not one, but two knee replacements! This was the ware up call she needed to start taking care of herself.
Committed to losing weight in a controlled and structure way, she chose Sole Source+ and lost 27kg in 4 months. She has since maintained her new weight and is now a certified Cambridge consultant helping others change to a healthier lifestyle. In Jean’s words: “I feel better than I did when I was forty!”


2011 Anoop Nainani – ‘Journey from Fat to Freedom’



Anoop was 41 years old, running a successful business and had a beautiful family. Everything was going well for him except for his health. At 141kg, his energy levels were low and his medical reports showed that he was on the borderline of almost every medical problem from diabetes to high blood pressure. Soon, he could barely play his favourite sports as his heavy weight was taking a toll on his legs.
With motivation from his wife, he decided to try out Cambridge Weight Plan. In a matter of 7 months, he lost 30kg and better yet, he’s managed to keep the weight off! Anoop says, “I feel like a new man. My friends say I look 10 years younger… I wish to let everyone know that it’s never too late and if there is a will, the way will show itself to you!”


2012 Dinesh Tharani – ‘Willpower Brings Rewards’


Weighing 107kg at the young age of 17, Dinesh found his self-confidence faltering as he was aware and dissatisfied with his health and appearance. It was while looking through photos of himself that he finally decided it was time to take matters into his own  hands.
With the determination of a young man on a mission, he started a structured eating plan with Cambridge Weight Plan and lost 29kg. At his goal weight, he is now beaming with confidence and has more friends than ever before. In Dinesh’s words: “It takes an immense amount of willpower – but once the effort is put in, the reward is well worth it.”


2013 Tracy Greasley – ‘Wake Up Call from My Daughter’

a-tracy-beforea-tracy-afterAs a busy wife, mother and business-woman the added time and complication involved in embarking on a diet or fitness regime together with the well-known failure rates and unsustainability of many diets meant that my gradually increasing weight had long been resigned to the bottom of my ‘to do’ list. Weight gain was simply a natural part of growing older – wasn’t it?

It was not until I was looking through family photographs while putting together a memory book for my young daughter that I noticed something was amiss; despite our amazing travels and experiences over the previous ten years, there were only five family photographs with me in them. It stopped me in my tracks and I was forced to reflect on what had happened to me in the years following the birth of my daughter that had led to this.

As any business owner will tell you, economic ups and downs are stressful and I had certainly endured my fair share of sleepless nights thanks to the global financial crisis. Our family had moved home twice and with a young child in tow there is no denying the toll it can take on a mother. I had also suffered a major injury when, during a horse riding holiday, I was violently thrown off a horse resulting in a broken pelvis that necessitated several months in a wheelchair and many more months of rehab to enable me to walk again. It wasn’t hard to find reasons why I had, for so long, given my attention to other concerns. But faced as I was with the evidence, the impact of the weight gain on my self-confidence was glaringly obvious.

I reflected on the issue for several days and it saddened me to think how my denial now meant that my daughter and even possible future grand-children would not be able to revisit fond family memories. I was also forced to acknowledge the likelihood that my excess weight was contributing to the degenerative effects of the spinal damage that the accident had left me with. I realised that if didn’t want to be back in a wheelchair – or worse – I needed to take action.

Around the same time, I had recalled reading an inspirational story of a slimmer losing weight using the Cambridge method. The plan had seemed so refreshingly simple and straightforward that after a little research, I contacted a consultant. It was clear to me after just the first consultation that this was going to be the perfect solution.

The shakes and soups fitted seamlessly into my busy work schedule and I felt safe in the knowledge that I was giving my body the complete nutrition it needed. After the first week’s substantial loss I knew I had found my route to success. The weight loss continued at a steady pace and I was buoyed with each weigh-in. Even when an unrelated medical problem half way through my weight loss journey saw me confined to hospital for a few days, I found my conviction in the benefits of using the Cambridge plan reinforced by the positive responses of health professionals.

In just eight short months I reached my target exactly as predicted – just in time for my daughter’s school graduation and the first of many more family photos to come. It is clear to me now, as I plan our next holiday adventure just how much having a new body has opened up a new world of interesting activities and destinations I would never have previously considered. Not only am I now excited by new experiences but by being able to look forward to sharing them with future family generations.

2014 Cheryl Devine – ‘I Have My Waist and My Confidence Back!’

Working long hours in the stressful Hong Kong Finance business, and having to socialise with clients as part of my job, I have been unhappy withcheryl b a my weight for years, and it has affected the choices I’ve made.

I was my heaviest coming back to Hong Kong after my Christmas holiday in Jan 2014.  Single and constantly exhausted, my self confidence was at an all-time low. So with typical New Year enthusiasm I threw myself into the gym, and other physical activities, 5 to 6 times a week. I lost a few kilos but not that much – I was still very overweight.

At Easter I went to Chiangmai, where I went elephant riding and ironically fell off! Damaging my ankle very badly, I was now no longer able to exercise. Luckily it was at this time a friend mentioned to me about the Cambridge Weight Plan. At first I was dubious but I was so desperate I’d decided to give it a try.   My Cambridge consultant explained how the program could it fit into my work-rich, time-poor lifestyle and gave me lots of encouragement along the way. I did the 4 shake/soup per day plan and stuck to the program with dedication The large selection of flavours and great taste definitely helped to keep me on track. As my consultant said “it’s your choice”! 

I immediately started to lose weight. I was sleeping, looking and feeling better and this motivated me to keep going. I have now lost 29 kg! I have my waist, and more importantly my confidence back, to live my ideal life.

I would highly recommend the Cambridge  Weight Plan – it’s an easy and affordable nutritious eating plan;  great for an individual with a busy lifestyle like me. I’m so happy I chose Cambridge!