Cambridge Weight Plan products can be used as the sole source of nutrition for fast, predictable weight loss with nutritional assurance; with conventional food for more gradual weight loss. They are also appropriate for weight maintenance and nutritional supplementation.

Take A Look At Our Excellent Range 

All our Cambridge meal replacements are designed to help you lose weight safely and with the confidence that you are getting all the nutrition you need.  You can be sure that, as well as being delicious, our products are ideal for any diet and allergy concerns.


Shakes & Soups 

Shake flavours include: Banana, Cappuccino*, Chocolate*,
Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Orange*, Key Lime Pie, Mango,
Fruits of the Forest, Key Lime Pie, Strawberry, Toffee and Walnut, Vanilla*.

Soup flavours include: Chicken and Mushroom, Leek and Potato*,
Mushroom*, Oriental Chilli, Tomato and Basil, Vegetable.

Our shakes and soups are $33 to $36 per packet.

*Flavour available as lactose-free options




Our bars are available in two great textures: chewy or crunchy.

Crunchy options include: Chocolate Mint, Cranberry, Peanut.
If chewy is more your thing, try: Chocolate, Malt Toffee or Chocolate Orange.
Yogurt-covered options are Lemon or strawberry/apple flavours. Strawberry/apple is gluten-free.

Our bars are $39 each.


Smoothies Smoothies

Rich, yogurt-based smoothie mixes bursting with flavour.

Choose from Cherry & Strawberry and Blackcurrent & Apple.

Our smoothies are $36 each.





cambridge weight plan spaghetti bolognese


Mouth-watering meals, created for every Step of the Plan.

Choose from our tasty Spaghetti Bolognese, Mac and Cheese, Chicken Tikka Rice.

Our meals are $36 each.






Our tasty and filling porridge can be enjoyed any time of the day.

Flavours available are: Apple and Cinnamon or Original.

Our porridge is $36 per packet.




Ready Shakes 

Our ready-made shakes come in handy cartons making them ideal for busy people on the go.
Chocolate Velvet is $39.



Bonus Bars


A blend of tropical flavours filled with fruity pieces and covered in a satisfyingly tasty yogurt coating, the 98kcal Bonus Bar may be small but it’s packed with vitamins and minerals… you wouldn’t expect anything less from

Our bonus bars are $18 each.


Mix-a-Mousse & Water Flavouring

Use our Mix-a-Mousse to transform your favourite shake into a delicious mousse for dessert.

Add a scoop of water flavouring to your bottle of water to make a tasty beverage with no added calories.

Available in: Raspberry and Elderflower, Golden Vegetable.

Water flavourings are $75 each. Mix-a-Mousse is $99 each.




For more specific information please feel free to email us or call the office at 2525 7165 and talk to Sarah.



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