cambridge weight plan hong kong for men too!
For the last two years, men have won our Slimmer of the Year competition, both winners losing huge amounts of weight with us. So it’s a fact – men and Cambridge Weight Plan work very well together.

Here’s why:

Convenience – Can’t be bothered to measure out ingredients to make a low-calorie and nutritious meal? No problem. Cambridge knows you have a busy a schedule and that’s why our products take less than a minute to prepare (if at all).

Simplicity – see a Consultant, figure out a game plan, get started. It’s that easy. Avoiding the group scenario and keeping the meetings one-to-one ensures your meetings will only be as long as you need them to be.

Flexibility – contrary to popular belief, ‘diet’ is not the short form of ‘deprivation’. Our structured but flexible plans include allowance for meals with real food because we know that work or family events usually happen around a meal or canapés.

Transparency – men like the technical nature of Cambridge. Calorie-counting to see how much you’ve consumed and burned is easy to do with the labels on our products.

Are you a man considering Cambridge? There’s 4 more reasons to give us a go.

” I lost 25 pounds on Cambridge Weight Plan over the course of around 3 months. With the support of my diet consultant I found creative ways to stay on track through periods of work stress, increasing my exercise routine and life’s unexpected twists  and turns.  I travel a lot and found the meal replacement porridge and shakes to be an easy way to diet while on the road. I would highly recommend Cambridge to my male and female friends.” – a satisfied and healthy male client