Cambridge Weight Plan is a formula food based weight management programme with more than 25 years of scientific research behind it. It was invented by Dr. Alan Howard in the mid 1970’s whilst working at Cambridge University in the UK.

Cambridge Weight Plan funds an extensive medical research programme to provide gold-standard evidence for weight loss, for the medical benefits and to prove that weight maintenance is possible. As a result of the extensive research available, we know that our meal replacements deliver:

Scientifically proven weight loss
Scientifically proven weight maintenance
Proven health benefits
Improved nutritional status

Cambridge Weight Plan’s Medical Director, Dr. Anthony Leeds, is a member of the multidisciplinary team of the North London Obesity Surgery Service at The Whittington Hospital and has held senior Lecturer and Principal Investigator positions in the Division of Nutrition Sciences at King’s College London. His current research interests concern the use of low energy and very low energy diets (VLED) in weight management.



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