Weight loss is most successful when you receive support. Whether you need advice along the way to your goal weight , motivation to stay active or information on nutrition, we’ve got you covered. All accredited Cambridge Hong Kong consultants are fully equipped to help troubleshoot any of your weight loss and nutrition queries. With consultants located in Hong Kong, Kowloon and New Territories, you won’t have to worry about finding someone to speak to in your area.

After an initial consultation to find out about your weight loss goals, current lifestyle and eating habits, your consultant will help you decide which plan is best suited for you. We know that weight loss is important but so is maintaining a healthy weight for the longterm, so once you’ve reached your target weight, your consultant will guide you on towards a healthy, new lifestyle.

Jean Hudsonjeanpic

Senior Consultant
Location: Clearwater Bay & Sai Kung

Jean was our first ever client in Hong Kong, and our first Slimmer of the Year. Jean lost 60 pounds with Cambridge and has avoided major surgery because of her weight loss. Jean believes in the importance of providing practical and emotional support when a client, whatever their age or circumstances, is trying to lose weight.

Jean lives in Clearwater Bay at HKUST and sees clients at her home (plenty of parking), in Sai Kung and in Tseung Kwan O.

Call: 9045 5942A past slimmer of the year. Cambridge Weight Plan 'Introduction to Counselling' diploma. 6 years plus as a cambridge weight plan hong kong consultant.

Email: jean@cambridgeweightplan.hk


Gillian Kew


Senior Consultant
Location: Tai Wai & Central

Gillian has lived in Hong Kong for 28 years with her Chinese husband and family. Her close relationship with her traditional Chinese relatives helps to give her a unique, cross-cultural insight into the challenges of maintaining a healthy weight in a culture that is often defined by food. She has successfully used Cambridge Weight Plan to improve her own health and would like to do the same for others. Gillian is a Registered General Nurse, and a Registered Psychiatric Nurse. During her MA programme in Gender 'Introduction to Counselling' diploma at Cambridge Weight Plan Hong Kong. A Cambridge Weight Plan HK counsellor for over six years.Studies she carried out a gender-based study of eating behaviours, body image, and attitudes to food in Hong Kong. In 2014, Gillian received Cambridge Weight Plan HK’s “Above and Beyond” Award 2014 for services to her clients. In addition to seeing clients in Tai Wai, she is available at the Cambridge Weight Plan Office in Central on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Call: 9231 1724 / 3482 7982
Email: gillian@cambridgeweightplan.hk

Theresa Chi Silva

Location: Tung Chung & On Tung Chung MTR Line

Theresa is a hands-on mum and a big proponent of healthy living for her growing family. She always takes the opportunity to advocate safe and healthy alternatives to friends and family. Having read and learnt from various people’s experiences, she has gathered a wealth of information to evaluate the healthy options applicable to any lifestyle. She has been and still is a CWP user and is able to bring her personal experience to each session with her clients.

“Theresa has been a superb mentor and guide over the last 10 months. I have lost 92 pounds so far but it has always been easy! She kept her cool when I did not and listened to me patiently offering reassurance and advice. Her generosity of spirit and gentle determination have seen me through major transformation of both body and soul. I will be forever grateful to her. ” – J

Call: 9576 2147'Introduction to Counselling' diploma at Cambridge Weight Plan Hong Kong. A Cambridge Weight Plan Hong Kong counsellor for more than two years.

Email: theresa@cambridgeweightplan.hk

Tara Johnson

Location: Midlevels

Being a mum herself, Tara understands the busy life of modern women and how tricky it can be to fit healthy eating into a hectic schedule. Tara brings her sunny disposition and engaging personality to all her consultations and is looking forward to supporting clients towards their weight loss goals. Having lost weight successfully on the diet herself, Tara is able to provide guidance and useful tips to making healthy eating choices. She is available to see clients in Mid-levels or anywhere else by appointment.

Call: 9107 3320'Introduction to Counselling' diploma at Cambridge Weight Plan Hong Kong. Slimmer of the Year at Cambridge Weight Plan Hong Kong. Cambridge Weight Plan HK counsellor.
Email: tara@cambridgeweightplan.hk

Eva WrightEva

Location: Gold Coast & Tuen Mun

Eva is based in Tuen Mun near the Gold Coast area. She has used Cambridge successfully and is willing to share her experiences and support those who want to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.

“Eva is a great consultant as she understands what struggles I have had in the past and how I can overcome them. She knows how to keep me on track with my diet by encouraging me and is able to keep me motivated every step of the way on my weight loss.” – M.B.'Introduction to Counselling' diploma at Cambridge Weight Plan Hong Kong. Cambridge Weight Plan HK counsellor. 

“Just want to say I’m thankful for Eva and her help… She always has nice words and encouragement for me.” – F.R.

“You are a very good listener.” – S.A.

Call: 6159 6154
Email: eva@cambridgeweightplan.hk

Raju Jagtiani raju

Location: Tsim Sha Tsui

Raju is available to see clients in Tsim Sha Tsiu. Raju grew up in Hong Kong and so understands the pressures of living in such a busy city. She has been a client of Cambridge Weight Plan and is now keen to share what she has learnt about how to balance a social life with a healthy diet.

Call: 9314 1176  

'Introduction to Counselling' diploma at Cambridge Weight Plan Hong Kong. A Cambridge Weight Plan HK counsellor for over six years.Email: raju@cambridgeweightplan.hk


Kirin (Suman) Premalanikirin

Location: Whampoa & Central

Kirin, also known as Suman is an enthusaiatic member of the Cambridge HK team and is keen to share the benefits of a healthy and stable lifestyle. She offers support and encouragement to those who struggle with the hurdles of Hong Kong’s busy life. A mother of two girls, Kirin sees clients in Whampoa and in the CBD.

Call: 9047 4407

'Introduction to Counselling' diploma at Cambridge Weight Plan Hong Kong. Slimmer of the Year at Cambridge Weight Plan Hong Kong. Cambridge Weight Plan HK counsellor.Email: kirin@cambridgeweightplan.hk


Deborah DeweyDeborah

Location: Midlevels & Central

Deborah is available to meet you in CBD, Midlevels or at the Graham Street office. Deborah is a certified Hypnotherapist and specializes in weight control. She is also able to offer the unique Hypno-Band Weight Loss System, designed for people with a BMI of 25+. She loves passing on her tips for better eating habits that will help to achieve your weight goals and create long term success.

Call: 6208 7321'Introduction to Counselling' diploma at Cambridge Weight Plan Hong Kong. Cambridge Weight Plan HK counsellor.

Email: deborah@cambridgeweightplan.hk

Michelle Watsonmichelle

Location: Pokfulam & Central

Michelle has lived in Hong Kong for six years with her husband and two children. After years of yo-yo dieting and trying every diet going, she was introduced to Cambridge diet by a friend. She found the plan easy to follow. Michelle has lost 30lbs and dropped three dress sizes. Michelle really believes in the plan and supporting people through their weight loss journey as she fully understands how difficult it can be. Michelle is the Pokfulam area and see clients at home. (Client parking available)

Call: 91672464

Email: michelle@cambridgeweightplan.hk

Grace YenCambridge Weight Plan HK consultant Grace Yen

Location: Causeway Bay, Central, Kwun Tong & Tseung Kwan O

Grace was one of our earlier clients in Hong Kong and has been using Cambridge to maintain her desired weight since then. Having lost weight successfully on the diet herself, Grace can share what she has learnt about how to manage your weight and live a healthier lifestyle. Grace is fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin and English and is available by appointment in Central, Causeway Bay, Kwun Tong and Tseung Kwan O.

Whatsapp/Wechat: 852-5286 9396
Email: grace@cambridgeweightplan.hk

Cheryl DevineCambridge Weight Plan HK consultant Cheryl Devine


Cheryl was the Slimmer of the year in 2014! She successfully lost 25 kgs and continues to use exercise and the Cambridge meal plan to maintain a healthy weight and balanced lifestyle. Cheryl understands how busy one can get and how difficult it can be to balance work, family, and a social life while maintaining a healthy eating and exercise program.
Having been very successful on the program Cheryl is happy to lend her support and helpful hints on your journey to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Whatsapp/Wechat: 93364154Slimmer of the Year at Cambridge Weight Plan Hong Kong.

Email: cheryl@cambridgeweightplan.hk